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, Social And Direct Mail

Cutting edge sales tips, sales strategies & sales motivation to make your business SOAR!

Automotive Marketing

Results driven marketing for the automotive industry.
Whether you need direct mail, SEO, PPC or social media we can help your dealership.

Get Your Phone Ringing!

Need online leads? Let our team give you an action plan to get your phone ringing. No matter local or larger business.

Mastering Direct Mail

Direct Mail is still effective, done right you can have massive results without your competition knowing. Whether you need training or a service, we can assist you.

A Higher Standard in Webdesign and Digital Marketing

In the digital world, your website is your store or office front. Whether you have a local business or automotive business, we can help you get a website that sells.


1% Wolves

The mastermind that started it all.

This elite group is laser focused on success in the Automotive niche.

Whether you are targeting for returning sales or service customers Syd's methods, trainings, and tools included in the 1% group are what you need.

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Pre Approval Mailer on Steroids?

We have came across an amazing opportunity that I want to share with you and it is better than the old Pre Approval Mailer but this one is like the Pre Approval Mailer on steroids!

All I need is 20 minutes of your time and at the end you will be fully informed how it works and be 100% informed to make an educated decision at the end.

Click on the Link to fill out the form, we will get back to you soon. You'll be glad we did!"


Quick Cash Flipper 2.0

The nice thing about this course is you don’t have to be a techie, sales person or mechanic. No special skills are required. You don’t even need to have money to buy the car. Syd shows you how to buy it with no money in it at all.

If you do it right, you will flip the car fast within 48 hrs. and then do it again. Syd also shows you what cars to buy (that make the most profit and flip fast) and how to buy them to get the lowest price. You can also do this part time or full time. You can have a full time job or be working on other things full time and do this on the side. It’s not a big time commitment and this can be done in other countries.


In House Sales Training

Does your sales team need to sell more? Let Syd train your team to make more sales. Whether you need 1 day or 7 days, Syd will help your team explode their numbers.

In-house sales training is a great way to train a number of sales people or sales managers at once, so that everyone is on the same page. This training can make a huge difference to your bottom line. You can truly benefit from Syd's sales training. We train your sales team to outperform your competition. Learn the best way to use sales cycles and to get customers back in your dealership. Learn the power of obligations and much more.

Syd is also available for speaking events, please contact for more information.

Syd Has 3 Masterminds to Help the Beginner Looking to Start up their Own Business, to Fortune 500 Management Looking for that Sure Footed Guidance and Fresh Approach.

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